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   Bringing smiles to your child's face

Safety Policy and Release

 Release forms must be signed for any child who will be participating in the

pony/horse rides. The forms must be signed before a child can participate. The

forms will be provided for you.

 The Florida State law requires that anyone under the age of 16 must use an equine riding safety helmet. The helmets will be provided for you. They also get sprayed with Lysol and Rid between each rider placing them on their heads. If you decide you do not want your child to wear a helmet it will be put on the release form that is signed by the legal guardian of the child.

   We use every means possible to keep your child safe and we provide ponies/horses that are child friendly but accidents can happen and we are not held responsible. If you have any questions about the release forms, please contact us. 

   On all of our saddles we have a Magic Seat, Velcro safety seat belt is what they are. At any time any child can be grabbed off a horse/pony to the ground by a handler if any incident was to occur. Our insurance does require us to use them on all our saddles. My son does demonstrate the proper use of them on our saddles. These were invented by Martha Josey the World Champion Barrel Racers for the younger children and adults too for a safer faster rides on their barrel horses. What this does is stabilize the child into the center of the saddle and gives them a better freedom of riding safely.Our insurance requires the safety device called a magic seat for the safety of every rider, this is also stops the spread of head lice from child to child.

   Our youngest son Justin who is 14 also helps by sometimes leading a pony that he has raised for 12 years. But most of the time he will interact with the children in the petting zoo area. He also helps demonstrate safety with the horses for us. If you do not want him leading a pony please let us know we have plenty of help also over the age of 16 to lead your child or yourself around on the horses and ponies.  This is a family business and 99% of the time it is one of our family members with us. And my daughter is going to nursing school to be an RN and is CPR Certified as well as my family members and partner.......

   K&M Pony Parties does carry a 2 million dollar Insurance Policy that is a state law to carry in order to come to your homes and do special birthday parties or to participate legally in the state of Florida doing any civic and social event with any of our animals. We also are USDA Licensed to bring all our Petting Zoo Animals to your events also which is a Federal Law.

Military Families receive special discounts from us also. And our hometown families, give us a call for your special event pricing...


Cancellation policy- We are booked many months in advance. Cancellations must

be for inclement weather only on the day of the party, or full price is still due.

 Inclement weather is verified rain or hail. You must call before we leave our farm with direct contact with owner. Or if we are experiencing bad weather here and are not able to leave in the time we need to before your event is scheduled, we will call you also.

The deposit is used for another event within the year of date of booking this event. I can not control mother nature and bad weather interruptions or the acts of God.

We will do our best to get to your event as safely as possible with the animals and insure safety of all your guest and your children under conditions favorable. You must remember we are pulling animals that have to stand on 4 feet in the back of a moving trailer and if the roads are under water it may not be safe for us to travel at that time. I have to adhere to all state & county laws & regulations & USDA Laws while traveling to your special events for safety of everyone involved. 

We will get you booked for the next available date and time and remember we do travel 7 days a week and can come during a week day or night to make up your special event also. We have 7 children and also know this can be a tough call to make. But I am about 100% safety of the kids and animals at your special event. 

Bad Weather Interruption --If your party is started and we are interrupted by rain, we can try to wait it out, move to a garage, etc. Full price is still due.

 Thank You for Understanding.....


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Question and answer

Q. Are you USDA LICENSED, Can you Show me Your License?

Yes, I carry my licenses and insurance with me every place I go and I never have a problem showing them to anyone.

Q. Is anyone that comes with you CPR Certified?

Yes, my daughter is and myself are CPR Certified a PCT.& my mother was a nurse for over 20 years and worked in the cancer unit at Lakeland Regional hospital.

Q. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

Make sure they are licensed and insured and have safety measures to care for the children while on the horse or ponies. Make sure each animal they are bringing with them is current on all vaccinations also.(state of Florida coggins)(blood test) for equine esopholitis. While the children are riding are they offered the option to wear helmets and if so were the sprayed between each child with Lysol & Rid to keep Critters out of your children's hair? Do they have any release forms for you and the people of your party to sign prior to the children riding? Do they offer hand sanitizer?

Q. What questions should a consumer ask to hire the right service professional?

Are you licensed?

Are you insured?

What safety measures do you take to install my child is going to completely safe on the animals back in case something does happen?

Do you offer your services to only the children of the event or can adults join in also?

What are all the services you provide?

Do you offer a sanitizing program also?

How long have you owned each animal that you are bringing out to the event? Can you prove this information?

Do you use non toxic paints on the animals?

Are the products that the children using non toxic and washable?

Q. What important information should you have ready for us ?

1) Date of celebration

2) Time of Celebration

3) Party Theme for the Event

4) How Many Guest

 5) Is there shade for the animals

6) Is there grass to unload and load them on and off the trailer that we bring them in?

7) Is there plenty of room to park and turn a 30 foot trailer and full size 4 door pickup truck around in?

8) How much space you have available for the horses and ponies to walk in?

9) If you live in a gated community , you must have full permission from your home owners association on us entering the facility. And make sure we get the gate code to get into the facility so we are not parked in the road with our trailer.

10) If you want your party at a city or county park you need to see if they allow the horse there or not and let them know whom we are and that we are licensed and insured. Then allow them to contact me after you make all the arrangements. So I can add them onto our insurance policy.

Q. What do you like most about coming to parties?

 Lets see, what I like most about coming to parties is:

 I would have to say that I LOVE the SMILES we bring to all the children's and event the parents faces that we see when I unload the horses and ponies at their party place. Then all the children having such a wonderful time on the ponies and horses while we are at the party or activity. Allowing them to feed and brush each animal is also something some of these kids will never get to do again. We allow them to interact as much as possible with our animals that we bring with us.

Q. What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?

How far in advance should we book our party with you?

 I recommend at least 1 month prior to the date of the event. We book up really fast in the fall and in the spring months. Is there a weight limit for the ponies you bring? Yes, there is a weight limit on the ponies to insure the safety of the children and the ponies legs. Are you insured and licensed? Yes, we are fully insured and licensed with the state of Florida and we can travel to most areas in the Central Florida areas.

Q. What do you wish customers knew about you or your profession?

I was raised on a TB Race horse farm and I was involved in rodeos since I was 3 or 4 years of age. I have broke and trained many of horses in my time already. Everything I know I have learned from my father and other mentors in my life. You will only learn if you keep an open mind and take in all you can. I have installed into my children today that hard work will not kill you at all. We do this as a family and we enjoy spending the time together and we all love bringing the smiles to each of the children's faces that we meet as well as the parents of each child involved.

Q. How did you decide to get in your line of work?

  We was already very involved in our community and decided that we could bring more smiles to more children's faces if we opened our own pony party business and got our license and insured. My son earns his money to rodeo by coming to each party and working as we call it to him. He pays his own entry fees to run his horse and ride bulls. He tells me to pay the fuel bill to get there and he has the rest. I want my kids to know nothing in life should be handed to you. That you must work hard to get what you want in life. His dream is to be in the professional rodeos one day and I believe he will do it too.

Q. Tell us about a recent event you did that you are particularly proud of.

We was asked to come to a retirement center in downtown Lakeland for some of the most wonderful people I have ever met in my life. The youngest was 88 years of age and the oldest was 102 that actually rode on our horses and everyone helped and petted an animal that we had with us in our miniature petting zoo. The stories we was told and the smiles we had this day I will treasure for the rest of my life. As well as my children will too. We all learned so much from these wonderful people and had the most remember-able day with each of them. The staff at the facility was also so wonderful, it was definitely a blessed day for each and everyone of us there that day.

Q. If you were advising someone who wanted to get into your profession, what would you suggest?

If anyone wants to own a horse or pony I suggest that you understand that it is a 7 day a week commitment to the animal. You must be able to afford to own the animals and care for all the expenses that come with them. There is more to it than just feeding them. You will have a farrier bill every 6 weeks, vet bills at least 2 times a year, teeth floating once a year,you have a hay bill on top of only feed. If you don't own your own place where you can keep them then you will have a boarding bill also. There is no more vacations either.

Q. What are you currently working on improving?

We here at K&M Pony Parties are always looking for more things to bring to you and your family and friends to make your special day even more enjoyable and easier for you and everyone involved in your celebration. At this time we are working on putting together a train set to bring out to your celebration. We have added a face painting that my daughter and I both do. One of our largest hits is our paint the pony we provide for everyone to actually paint on one of our 32 inch miniature ponies. In which a good friend of mine in Hillsborough County, Florida who has been doing parties for over 35 years told me about doing Our Petting Zoo was also brought about from him too, because we do several major events together through out the year. He wanted to have me on the same page as he was on things to offer our valued new friends and families. My son added the Roping the Steer Head to teach everyone how to rope, because he Loves Roping and sharing what he learns in his rodeos with everyone back in January 2012. We welcome new ideas from everyone all the time and will do our best to accommodate those ideas too.We do have more things that we can bring to your parties, just ask us about them when you call us. We no longer post all of our events to insure everything is original from us.


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