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           K&M Pony Parties Truck & Trailer

Please have plenty of room for our truck & trailer to park and unload our horses safely. We are too big in sub divisions to be backing into any type of driveways. Our truck usually will end up blocking the entire roadway. 

Even though I try to explain how big we are on the phone some do not understand. For example: put 3-4 full size cars bumper to bumper and that is how long we are. Like a School Bus.... Or a Semi 

There is times that we must stay near our truck & trailer to tie off other horse's for either your party or another event. By law I can not leave my animals unattended at all.  And for fast clean up of a handler if the animal uses the bathroom, we must run to the trailer

 for a pitchfork and clean up quickly. 

We look forward to meeting each and everyone of you soon. 

 CASH IS DUE ONLY DAY OF EVENTS, No Checks, No Credit Cards,No other forms of pymts.. If you can not do cash day of the event it must be paid in Full 7 Days Prior to Your Event to clear the bank. NO EXCEPTIONS, I will not pay bounce fees, and have to chase folks down for the payment owed.

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 The truck and trailer below is what we use to attend all our events in now. We are the length of a semi truck and trailer. We can not pull into drive ways or turn around in your yards or a small cul-de-sac especially if any cars are parked there. We are very heavy and sink fast when we are off the pavement on any wet or moist grounds. We try to stay on any type of pavement surfaces as much as possible. 

This trailer below is only used when we have large events where we have to haul 5 or more horse's to the event. 






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